Daily Post (Far from Home) Response: 10 inches

This is prompted by the Daily, er, Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/daily-prompt-distance/

(I’ll work out how to make it a single word/phrase link eventually)

The furthest distance I’ve traveled…..far from home…..well it has to be the 10 inches between my head and my heart. (Yes, that’s what the title refers to. Why, what were you thinking? And no I haven’t measured. Look just…go with it.)

The furthest distance I have ever attempted, and it is a journey I am constantly on.

I live in my head. It runs my life. My decisions and actions have been ruled by my head for as long as I can remember. Logical, intellectual, consequences considered and cost and benefits weighed.

However, perhaps even paradoxically, my heart is where my beliefs lie. And no amount of intellectual “knowledge” or fact (until fairly recently) have made that journey down to it. If my heart, my body, believes there is something to fear, logic or intellectualising will not convince it otherwise.

The journey up on the otherhand is short, and occurs by way of shortcut, and secret passage. Those beliefs become or trigger unconscious thoughts, they become embedded in the decision making process, into the logic itself.

“Wow that girl is really pretty but I won’t ask her out because, let’s face it, i’m not <insert quality here> enough”

In the past this would be unconscious, or subconscious. All I would know is that I decided not to say hello, and the reason would be……”common sense”. That belief sent up by my heart makes itself felt in the depths of my mind and I am now making decisions based on faulty logic. On assumption.

And as we all know, assumption just makes an ass out…of……..umption…………..

Moving on. The journey. (Down, as we already established, the cheeky way up appears to be fairly well traveled)

The journey is from my head to my heart. From my intellectual fact-based brain, to my emotional, belief-based heart.

The beliefs it has stored in there are not true. I need to tell it that. I need to provide more accurate beliefs. Based in the real world, and not the dark fairytale my heart resides. A

I am trying to get those letters down there. It’s a long road. Sometimes we get lost. And sometimes we backtrack. Hell, sometimes our postal coach is waylaid by wolves and highwaymen (I think I might be stretching the metaphor here).

But quite frankly, right this moment, I can’t think of another journey I have taken that fits the bill.

Or that I’d rather be on.