My head can be a very noisy place. With the absence of a girlfriend, I have noone to turn to at 2 in the morning when an article I am reading in an effort to combat insomnia inspires, interests or annoys me. This blog is the remedy.

It doesn’t have a major subject or intention, it is more a place where I can write about what is on my mind. This is often based on my state of mind (which currently revolves around anxiety, depression, recovery from addiction, and how these major aspects affect my daily work/love/social life).

But this can all be rather dreary and quite frankly, I’m bored piss-less with it having lived it for the past few years. (Oh yes I might swear. A lot. But I promise to try and keep it inventive)

More likely the posts will be based on stuff that’s piqued my interest, usually articles friends post on facebook, things I’ve heard in the news, and other blogs i’ve come across. You’ll get the idea once you’ve checked a few out.

One thing I will say is if you see I have used a word incorrectly, or misspelt something, please feel free to point it out! I don’t read anywhere near as much as I used to and am more than a little rusty with anything other than pub-centric language. Just try not to be too smug about it. A little smugness is fine.

And no, don’t worry, despite the first line I am not using you as a surrogate girlfriend.



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